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Through his writing, Bob aims to take big ideas and distill them into desirable calls to action. He inspires leaders to care for the people in their companies and to implement new technologies and adopt new ways of leading, organizing, and working. He writes about how good companies foster positive workplace cultures, use smarter business practices, and unlock the power of community. He’s been published in Inc, The Huffington Post, Pando, Container13, Simple Programmer, The Good Men Project, and more.

This suppression of one thought or feeling in favor of another results in a rather predictable reduction in creativity, problem solving, and even self-control.

As we recruit cognitive resources to the task of quelling our bad thoughts, we have less mental power available for the knowledge work or creative labor that most modern workers are engaged in.


Agile Business: A Leader’s Guide to Harnessing Complexity is an engaging introduction to Agile Development from a business perspective. It contains practical real-world advice from over 30 coaches, executives, developers and managers who are actively using Agile in their organizations and helping others achieve Agility.

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